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Into The Storm 8x10 $600.jpg

          "Into The Storm"
     8" x 10"   Oil on board 

Sniffing 6x8 $350.JPG

     "Exploring My World"
     8" x 10"   Oil on board  

Leaving Mountain Pastures 6x8 $350.jpg

"Leaving Mountain Pastures"
        6" x 8"   Oil on board  

April In El Vallee 6x8 $350.JPG

        "April In El Valle"
    6" x 8"   Oil on board  

Into Sheep Canyon 6x8 $350.jpg

     "Into Sheep Canyon"
     6" x 8"   Oil on board 

Mable's Tenants 6x12 $425.JPG

        "Mable's Tenants"
    6" x 12"   Oil on board   

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