MARK  ASMUS    oil  painter


"Splendor In The Grass"

9" x 12"   Oil on board    


Caller reported he left the gate open and a couple of llamas were in his pasture with his cows.  They appeared to be "socializing."  Caller wanted advice on what to do.

Caller reported there were some bulls walking down Solomon Lane. The caller guided the cattle back in the fence and mended it.

​​​Anonymous male advised there are a couple of teenagers having sex in the dugout at the concert field.  Everyone can see them, they don't even care.  Officer advised no one in the area, they left already.

"The Purloined Pickle"

9" x 12"   Oil on board  

Caller reported that he was "going to use his cannon" since it was a holiday.

"Take A Number"

9" x 12"   Oil on board 

"Naughty Boy"

9" X 12"   Oil on board  

Reportant advised some kids are making a lot of noise, they are on pogo sticks.

Taos, New Mexico

These paintings are inspired by police reports printed in the weekly Taos News.  The caption has been incorporated into the painting and appears below each image.

Caller reported they were "selling stuff" at the flea market and someone stole his Civil War soup ladle.

"Padre's Posse"

9" x 12"   Oil on board

"Cinco de Mayo Taos Style"

9" x 12"   Oil on board 

"Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah"

9" x 12"       Oil on board

Caller reported people in the Lotaburger parking lot were throwing rocks at crows; they claimed that a crow had attacked them.

Caller reported a male was sitting out in front of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory harassing mostly women.

Caller reported he was staying the night there, but that there were hookers in there and he couldn't sleep. When the caller went outside, someone had slashed his tires.

Caller reported a man carrying a folded blue tarp and wearing a blue jacket and black cotton shorts took a pickle from the pickle jar at Taos Trading Co. and said he didn't have any money to pay for it.


9" x 12"   Oil on board  

"Yee Haw!"

9" x 12"   Oil on board 


9" x 12"   Oil on panel