MARK  ASMUS    oil  painter


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8" x 10"   Oil on board  

"Rooting, Pecking, Watching"

15" x 22"   Oil on paper   


"All We Are Sheep"

12" x 16"   Oil on board    


"Bunny, Jack And Captain America"

24" x 30"   Oil on board  

"A Window In Las Trampas"

12" x 12"   Oil on board   

Taos, New Mexico

"Setting The Date"

12" x 16"    Oil on paper     

"Mr. Wobbly And His Big Sister Blondie"

9" x 12"   Oil on board    

"Before The Turtle Dance"

25" x 48"    Oil on board    

"Into The Storm Rode The Ice Cream Bus"

12" x 16"   Oil on paper