MARK  ASMUS    oil  painter


In 1978, the sleepy town of Taos was shocked to hear of several fatalities as a result of domestic violence.  At the same time, there was a dramatic increase in reported brutal rapes.  These events galvanized two different groups of women into action.  They began sheltering abused women and children in their own homes, they set up and manned hotlines and they provided crisis intervention, all on a voluntary basis.  They soon realized their missions were identical and, in 1980, the two organizations merged into what we know today as the Community Against Violence (CAV).  Since then, the services that the CAV provides have greatly expanded to include in part:

     o  24-hour phone line in English and Spanish
     o  26-bed shelter for women and children
     o  Children's Saferoom where forensic interviews are conducted
     o  On-call advocacy in and out of the shelter
     o  Individual adult and child counseling
     o  Numerous issue-targeted support groups
     o  Prevention, outreach and education services

The Community Against Violence guarantees that no one will be denied benefits or be subject to discrimination because of race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age, religion, or physical or mental ability.

Taos oil painter, Mark Asmus, recognizes the far-reaching and phenomenal services that this organization provides Taos County and is proud to support its efforts by donating 20% of all sales of his paintings to this endeavor. 

To learn more about CAV, visit their website:

Taos, New Mexico